The Food That Makes You Happy & Healthy

Most of like to and try to eat healthy but it is a sad fact that most of us fail in this mission. One of the main reason is our rebellious taste buds. They won’t let love the food unless it satisfies their culinary preferences. So the best option for us is to look for food that is healthy and tasty. For this reason I prefer Indian food and always look for an Indian restaurant near me. I live in Mohawk and always try to find an Indian restaurant near me.

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The first thing I like about Indian food is that it is full of flavors and colours. Generally it is low on fat and high in vegetables & fruits, lean meat. Another benefit is that Indian food uses vegetables for sauces and accompaniments. It is a very good aspect as they avoid using cream or cheese. And the way in which Indian food is cooked, the vitamins and nutrients are not lost.


Garlic plays an important role in Indian dishes and it is very good for the heart and the blood pressure. So are chilies that help immune system and metabolism. As Indian dishes have such a powerful impact on your taste buds, even comparatively smaller quantities of food can make you full and thus lower the number of calories consumed.
Another great point about Indian food is the fruits like mango, oranges, guavas, figs, etc. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and aid digestion as it is high in fibre. Yogurt and fermented milk that are a part of Indian foods help the digestive system.


Like all other foods there are aspects of Indian food that you should avoid. Try to stick to healthier option like vegetable based curries, fish and chicken, avoid lamb and dishes made with clarified butter. Naan bread should be eaten with moderation as they are high on sugar and fat. Opt for Tandoori dishes as they have very little fat and are baked rather than fried.

Some of the best Indian dishes to go for are –

1. Dal based dishes – They are rich in protein, fibre and minerals and are cooked with an array of spices.

2. Tandoori – It is basically a marinated dish cooked inside a very hot clay pot. It can be neg or non-veg, but Tandoori is mostly associated with non-veg. The main benefit is that it is not fried, deep or pan.

3. Aaloo Gobhi – Cauliflower.

4. Chana Masala – Chickpeas.

5. Rajmah – Kidney bean with rice.

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